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Thank you for visiting the Electronic Accreditation System for Education (EAS-ed), the official website for the Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program (FCCAP). For more than 40 years, FCCAP has served Catholic elementary and special education schools, currently including more than 180 schools within the Roman Catholic dioceses of Florida and the Diocese of Savannah, GA.

From general information to school-specific directives, EAS-ed offers a one-stop, interactive resource for superintendents, associates, principals, pastors, parents and other interested accreditation stakeholders.

FCCAP Overview

Established in the 1969-1970 school year, the Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program (FCCAP) is known as one of the earliest and finest programs of its type in the nation. It has served as a model for programs/ conferences in other parts of the nation such as Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, etc.

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A 7-Year Cycle

The FCCAP has established a repeating timeline for accreditation to insure that schools meet standards for beliefs and mission, personnel, program of learning, etc. Over seven years, schools cycle through various accreditation exercises, and the primary vehicles that drive the process are self-studies, on-site visitations, and third-year reviews. Here is how it works...

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The Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program (FCCAP)
is a charter/founding member of:

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Find a Catholic Elementary School in Florida or Southern Georgia. Contact and general information about each school is available on the map.

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Florida Catholic Conference

Established in 1969, the Florida Catholic Conference is an agency of the state’s Catholic Bishops. It speaks for the Bishop’s in matters of public policy, serves as a liaison to government officials, and coordinates communication between the Church and secular agencies.

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